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Deplatt 75mg

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Deplatt 75mg

Product Code   : ZC271
Generic Name  : Clopidogrel
Brand Name     : Plavix
Manufacture     : Torrent Pharma
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Deplatt 75 mg

Deplatt 75 mg Tablet is an antiplatelet medication/ blood thinner that helps prevent the building of harmful dangerous blood clots in blood vessels.

This tablet also helps reduce the risk of heart attack/stroke. The tablet is commonly used as a drug for heart protection.

This tablet is recommended for individuals who are at risk of heart disease. It comprises individuals with blood circulation issues that arise due to contraction of blood vessels, having a heart attack/stroke recently, and abnormal heartbeats. It also includes individuals who had some heart procedures such as stenting.

This tablet is given in combination with other medicines used for treating heart-related chest pain or heart attack. You can consume this tablet with food. If you want you can consume it without food. Continue to take this medication even if you start feeling better. If you discontinue this tablet, it can put you at risk of having a heart attack/stroke.

This tablet is not the right option for some individuals. For example,

  • Those who are bleeding from any part of the body like in case of bleeding inside the brain or having stomach ulcer.
  • Tell the physician if you had or have problems with blood clotting.
  • If you have undergone surgery and had any severe injury

This tablet should be stopped for a certain period if you have a dental procedure or surgery scheduled.

Uses of Deplatt 75 mg

Prevents heart attack & stroke

Side effects of Deplatt 75 mg

  • Bleeding


This tablet is a blood thinner. It prevents the platelets(cells) from attaching. It helps prevent blood clotting inside arteries and veins. This enables smooth blood flow throughout your body and helps cut down the chances of heart stroke or heart attack.

Do not fail to take this tablet regularly to see maximum results. Make appropriate changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy. This tablet is used with aspirin (in low doses) to stop blood from clotting.

Safety Advice while using Deplatt 75 mg


You need to be cautious while drinking alcohol with this medication. Please connect with your physician.


This tablet is safe for pregnant women. According to animal studies, no harmful effects on the baby have been reported. As far as human studies are concerned, only limited studies are available.


This tablet is safe for nursing mothers. Limited data in human studies show that the tablet doesn’t cause any harm to the baby.


This tablet will not hamper your driving ability.


Since there are fewer data available on the safety of using this table in patients having kidney disease, please discuss it with your healthcare provider.


 Liver patients can use this tablet as it is safe for them. They do not need dose adjustments.


Q-What is Deplatt 75 mg tablet used for?

This tablet is helpful to prevent the building of blood clots. It helps cut down the risk of heart stroke or heart attack. It enables better blood circulation thereby cutting down the risk of platelets clinging together which would result in the development of dangerous clots in hardened blood vessels.

Q-Is Deplatt 75 mg tablet a type of blood thinner?

Yes. This tablet is an effective antiplatelet drug or a blood thinner. It enables smooth blood circulation through blood vessels. The medicine helps prevent dangerous blood clot formation. It decreases the chances of heart attack/stroke.

 Q-When can I take this tablet?

Take this medication as asked by your healthcare provider. It can be consumed with/without meals. Take it at a fixed time every day so that you do not forget to take any dose.

Q-Will this tablet influence blood pressure?

Yes. This tablet can bring down blood pressure, but it is a rare side effect. It is very rare and hardly affects everyone. You can get in touch with your medical professional if you feel weak, have blurry vision, or feel lightheaded. These are indications of low BP and hence need medical help instantly.

Q-Who should avoid taking this tablet?

People who are allergic to this tablet should avoid taking it. Also, people with serious liver disease, bleeding inside the brain, stomach ulcers, or bleeding disorders should avoid taking it. Also, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or women planning pregnancy should not take this tablet.

 Q-Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking this tablet?

Yes. It is fine to consume alcohol with this tablet. But, do not drink alcohol in excess amounts. It can damage the inner lining of your stomach which can elevate the risk of stomach ulcers in the future.

Q-What if I plan to stop taking this tablet?

If you stop consuming this tablet abruptly, you may be at risk of getting a heart stroke or attack. It can be a life-threatening situation as well. So, do not discontinue before discussing it with your physician else your condition can get worse. Continue taking it as per the prescription given by your healthcare provider to get the best results.

Q-How long it takes for this tablet to work? What is the duration for which I have to take this tablet?

This tablet starts working within two hours of consuming it. Take it for the prescribed duration to get maximum results. You may need to take it for a few weeks or even months or lifelong.

 Q-Can Deplatt 75 mg tablet be used for children?

This tablet is not suitable for use in adolescents and children below 18 years. The tablet is not effective for this group. So, connect with your healthcare provider before you think of using it for children.

Q-Is this tablet a steroid?

This tablet is not a steroid but an antiplatelet medication. It decreases the chances of blood clot formation in blood vessels. It decreases the risk of heart-related chest pain, heart stroke, and heart attack.

 Q-Is this tablet a habit-forming medication?

No. This tablet will not make you habitual to it.

Make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage weight. Keep exercising regularly so that your heart remains healthy.

Your healthcare provider will help you know how to identify the early signs and symptoms of heart disease and how to manage it.




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