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A-Ret Gel

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A-Ret Gel

Product Code  : ZC100
Generic Name : Tretinoin
Brand Name    : Retin-A
Manufacture   : Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Presentation   : GEL
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A-Ret Gel

A Ret Gel is a kind of vitamin A and helps treat pimples or spots on your back, chest, and face. This gel also offers smooth skin on the face and reduces the wrinkles on your skin. This gel reduces extra oil production that occurs inside the skin. This gel should be used at night time. The duration for its application will be suggested by your skin specialist.

The amount you need to use for this gel depends on the condition you want to treat. Make sure you wash the affected area and dry it before the application of this gel. Take a thin layer of this gel and apply it to the washed and dried area.

The doctor would give you the directions for the application. Do not use this gel on broken or damaged skin. Also, do not let this gel enter the eyes, nose, or mouth. You may have to weeks for many weeks to see the improvement in your symptoms. But, do use it regularly to see more benefits.

Check with your skin specialist if you do not observe any improvement in your condition even after a couple of weeks of using this gel. Also, using the gel in a higher quantity than prescribed will not offer quick results rather it will lead to side effects.

This gel can make you extra sensitive to sunlight. So, avoid going out in sun as much as you can. The use of this gel makes the skin more sensitive and delicate. So, do not go for hair removal or any laser treatments while using this gel. Females planning a pregnancy or conception should avoid using this gel to avoid further birth defects in the child.

Uses of A Ret Gel

Benefits of A Ret Gel 

For Acne

This gel is like Vitamin A for your skin. It helps you treat issues like acne. It clears the skin pores and prevents the appearance of pimples and spots on the skin.

You will see visible results in many weeks. But, keep using this gel to see the best results. You may see acne getting worse before it starts healing. So, use it regularly and be patient to see your skin get clearer and better.

The earlier you use this gel, the less chance of getting scars. This gel will also improve your self-confidence as your skin will look clearer. People with sunburned skin or eczema should not use this gel.

Side effects of A Ret Gel 

  • Skin irritation
  • Dry skin
  • Skin redness
  • Dry lips
  • More sensitivity to light
  • Pale red skin

The above side effects are common and do not need any emergency medical aid. They will go with time. Speak to your skin specialist if these symptoms become persistent and troublesome.

How to use a ret gel?

This gel is foe external purposes only. Follow the dose & duration suggested by your skin specialist. Also, read the label before you start using this gel. Wash and dry the affected spot. Now apply a thin layer of this gel to that area. Wash your hands after the application of this gel.

How does a ret gel work?

The gel is in Vitamin A form. When you apply it to your skin, it reduces the unwanted production of oil in the skin. It rejuvenates the acne skin and helps keep the skin pores open.

Safety Advice


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This gel is not safe for pregnant women. There are fewer studies available for humans. But, animal studies show the negative effects on the fetus. Visit your doctor for a consultation. He will help you understand the risks & benefits associated with using this gel during pregnancy.


This gel may be safe for lactating mothers. Limited studies for humans say that the medication will not cause any risk to the baby.


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Q-Can I plan for cosmetic procedures while using this ret gel?

Well, your skin specialist will tell you whether to use this gel or stop using it before undergoing cosmetic procedures. Ideally, you should not go for laser or hair removal treatments while using this gel. Let your doctor be aware of all other medications you are using before you start using this gel. If you are planning any cosmetic procedure, speak to your skin specialist first.

Q-Is this a-ret gel safe to use?

Yes. This gel is pretty safe to use if prescribed by your doctor.  Similar to other medications, this gel also comes with certain side effects. But, these side effects may not be seen in every individual who is using it. If you notice any severe or unpleasant side effects while using this gel, speak to your skin doctor.

Q-How long do I need to apply this gel?

The duration of this gel is decided by your skin doctor which depends on the treatment you are using this gel for. It also depends on the severity level of the disease and the lab test reports. Normally, the treatment with this gel continues for 4-5 months.

Q-I am planning to conceive but I am using this gel. What should I do?

If you are using this gel and planning to conceive, check with your doctor. Normally, pregnancy is not advisable while using this gel as it can harm the baby. In case you get pregnant during treatment using this gel, speak to your skin specialist.

Q-Why does this gel lead to dry lips, dry nose, and dry skin? How can these issues be managed?

 The common side effects of using this gel are dry lips, nose, and skin. While in action, this gel reduces the production of oil in the skin, which makes the skin dry.

You can use lubricants & moisturizers to manage dryness that occurs due to the application of this gel. You can also use lip balm to combat dry and cracked lips. Drinking more water will help to maintain hydration levels in the body.




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