About Lisinopril

with Lisinopril  the High blood pressure or hypertension silently harms your blood vessels and results in serious health issues.

Well, there is no cure to this problem but taking medications like Lipril 10 and making some changes in lifestyle can improve the quality of life and cut down the risk of heart stroke, kidney disease, etc. Are you suffering from blood pressure issues? Do you think your BP is not in the normal range? You can find out by getting your BP checked. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is crucial to monitor the levels regularly.

Having an idea of your BP numbers can help you know if there are fluctuations in the levels. Monitoring the results regularly for a  lengthy span can help you check if the changes you incorporated to manage BP levels are working for you.

Lipril 10 tablet is used to treat high BP and heart disease. The doctor may prescribe you this tablet even after a heart attack. Also, it reduces the risks of getting a heart stroke/attack. This tablet is given alone or with other medicines. Make sure you take the tablet regularly even if you think that your BP is managed well.

Most patients with high blood pressure do not feel any issues, but if you stop taking this tablet, your health can deteriorate. This medicine is safe to use in the long run.

Lisinopril Lifestyle changes that can decrease your blood pressure 

Certain alterations in your lifestyle help you decrease blood pressure lie

  • Regular exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Losing weight
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Do not consume salts in excess amount

The common side effects that you may face after taking this tablet are low blood pressure, high potassium levels, weakness, fatigue, and dizziness. Most of the side effects vanish automatically with time. Speak to your medical expert if these side effects stay for long.

Points to discuss with your medical expert before taking Lipril 10 (Lisinopril)

 Discuss with a physician in case you have

  • Liver problems
  • Kidney problems
  • You are a nursing mother
  • You are pregnant

The medical expert may track your blood pressure, kidney function, and potassium levels in your blood regularly while you are taking this tablet.

What are the benefits of Lisinopril medicine?

This tablet reduces the stress on your heart and soothes blood vessels. It expands the blood vessels and helps the heart to pump blood all through your body easily, thereby reducing your blood pressure.

When your blood pressure is under control, it automatically lowers the risk of kidney problems, heart stroke, or heart attack. You may not get instant benefits from this tablet, but it helps you manage blood pressure in the long run.

Side effects Lisinopril 

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Rash
  • Mental Confusion
  • Vertigo
  • cough
  • Rhinitis
  • Impotence

Useful tips

Lipril 10 (Lisinopril) can result in dizziness during the initial days of the treatment, so get up slowly from a lying or sitting position. You can also take this tablet at bedtime to prevent dizziness all through the day.

  • Inform your doctor if you have throat irritation or a cough that doesn’t fade away.
  • The tablet may increase the levels of potassium in the blood. So, do not take foods rich in potassium (broccoli or banana) or supplements containing potassium.
  • Women planning pregnancy, pregnancy, or nursing their babies should inform their medical experts before taking this tablet.


What should I inform my medical expert about before taking Lisinopril 10 mg tablet?

Before taking this pill, inform your medical expert if you have an allergic reaction to any of its ingredients. Also, tell your doctor about any other health issues you have like heart, kidney o r liver issues, if you are on dialysis, you have a low white blood cell count.

Also, tell the medical expert if you have disturbed blood pressure, diabetes, or recent events of vomiting or diarrhea. Discuss other medications you are taking as the other medicines may intervene with the performance of this tablet and vice versa. Women who are planning to conceive, already conceived, or nursing their babies should also tell the doctor before taking this medicine.

What time during the day I can take Lisinopril tablet?

Follow the same dosing schedule every day so that you do not miss a dose. The duration and dose are given by the doctor and you should follow them. The medical expert may ask you to take 1st dose before you go to bed as it causes dizziness. After 1st dose, if you do not face dizziness, you can take this tablet at any time throughout the day.

The dose depends on your condition and it varies from person to person. If you face any side effects while taking this medicine, speak to your healthcare provider.

What if I feel better? Can I stop taking Lipril 10?

No. Do not discontinue this tablet even if you think you are fine and your blood control is managed. Stopping this tablet all of a sudden can elevate your blood pressure due to the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke may rise. Taking medicine to manage blood pressure means you need to take it for a lifetime unless it doesn’t suit you.

I am having diabetes. Will this tablet affect my blood glucose levels?

Yes. This tablet can affect your antidiabetic drugs or insulin and may reduce blood sugar levels. Hence, you need to check your blood glucose levels frequently.

After taking this tablet, I am suffering dry cough which is very frustrating and is not cured with medicines. What to do now?

This tablet can result in a dry cough which is a side effect noticed in some people. It can be ongoing and may not be cured by any drugs. So, speak to your medical expert if the cough is bothersome and you causing problems with sleeping.

Your medical expert will suggest different methods to manage cough or may give a different medicine. Do not stop taking this tablet without seeking permission from a medical expert as it can boost your blood pressure and increase the risk of getting a heart stroke or attack. The dry cough may take a couple of days or a month to resolve.

Can this tablet hinder my fertility?

There is no information available to show whether this tablet affects fertility in males and females. Still, if you trying to conceive, tell your medical expert first. This is because this medicine is not advisable during pregnancy.

Can this tablet elevate the levels of potassium? If that happens, what to do?

This tablet can elevate potassium levels in the blood, mainly when you have disturbed diabetes mellitus, dehydration, or kidney problems.

The levels of potassium may elevate in patients who are taking potassium-based medicines or salts or are over 70 years. Hence, in such cases, be alert and get frequent blood tests done to check potassium levels while using this tablet.

You can manage your blood pressure levels by eating right and foods with less salt. Do not ignore high blood pressure problems as they can invite other health issues. A lot of people manage their blood pressure by taking appropriate medicines and adopting a healthy lifestyle.