What is Zaha eye drops?

Zaha Eye Drops When it comes to vision it has to be clear vision to perform our daily activities. The vision may get blurry due to some infections and one of the common eye infections is a bacterial infection.

Thankfully, Zaha Eye Drops contains Azithromycin that helps treat bacterial infections, and gives you crystal clear vision. You have many reasons to choose this eye drop, but ensure that you take the necessary precautions while using it.

These eye drops are an antibiotic that treats infections in the eyes caused due to bacteria. It is a perfect medicine that kills different types of bacteria in children and adults.

These eye drops are safe & effective when used at an accurate dose & duration suggested by your eye specialist. These eye drops can do wonders if you use them regularly.

Azithromycin eye drops help you get the clear vision just by completing the full treatment course. Even if you feel better continue taking it for the duration told by the doctor. Do not stop the medicine in between else the infection can get severe or worsen.

Reasons to choose Zaha Eyes drops for crystal clear vision

  1. It helps treat a lot of infections that occur due to bacteria.
  2. It helps treat bacterial infections of the lungs, bones, blood, stomach, urinary tract, joints, and intestines. What else we can ask for?
  3. It also helps treat sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. It kills the bacteria from the root and clears the infections
  5. These eye drops when taken for the duration and as per the dose prescribed by your eye doctor eliminate the infection and prevent the bacteria to become resistant. It helps clear the infection completely.
  6. The common side effects of these eye drops are not bothersome. They go away with time. You don’t need immediate medical attention(contact your medical expert if the side effects become serious).
  7. It works by blocking the production of vital proteins needed for bacteria to multiply. This action of eye drops prevents further bacterial growth.
  8. With simple hygiene practice, you can use these eye drops.
  9. It is easy to use and an effective eye drops.
  10. This eye drop has long-lasting action and will continue to work after 3 days of dosage.

Side effects Zaha Eye Drops

  • Vomiting
  • Burning eyes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain

To get a clear vision and remove the infection, here is

How to use Azithromycin(Zaha eye Drops)?

These eye drops are for external use (only). You must check the label on the medicine pack before using it. Hold the eye drops dropper near the eye and do not touch the dropper’s tip. Squeeze the dropper slowly and pour the drops into your lower eyelid. If you see extra liquid spilling out, wipe it out with a tissue.

Wash your hands and then apply Zaha Eyes drops to prevent contamination. Avoid touching the tip of the dropper and do not touch it with other surfaces.

Remove contact lenses while applying these eye drops or when you are suffering from a bacterial eye infection. Try to sterilize your contact lenses and ask your eye specialist before you start putting them on again.

If you are not sure about using these eye drops, for the first time seek help from your nurse or doctor.

Important information about Zaha Eyes drops

These drops are meant for the eyes only. If you or someone swallows it accidentally, seek emergency medical aid or visit the nearest hospital.

  • Do not share these eye drops with others. Even if you think they have similar conditions as yours avoid sharing it
  • Discuss with your doctor if you are using other medicines during the treatment with these eye drops.
  • Do not use expired medicines, discard them safely.

If you have any doubts regarding this medicine, talk to your eye doctor.

Useful dosage information

If you forget to take a dose of these eye drops, take it immediately after you remember. If you think your next dose is also nearing, skip this dose and return to your normal schedule. Double doses to balance the missed dose should be avoided.


Overdose can happen accidentally. Rinse your eyes properly with clean water immediately. If you find any severe symptoms or irritation, get in touch with your medical expert immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q-Is this eye drop safe?

Yes, these eye drops are safe if you apply them in the exact dose and for the precise duration recommended by your eye doctor.

Q-How to use Zaha Eye Drops?

You must limit the use of these eye drops to eyes. You must follow the prescription of your eye specialist. Wash your hands before you put these drops in your eyes. Pour a single drop of this medication into the infected eye.

Use Azithromycin eye drops for 3 days during morning & evening. Do not use these eye drops for more than three days (or as prescribed by the doctor) if you have leftover signs of eye infection.

It works even after 3 days of the prescribed dose. Washing hands is mandatory before putting the eye drops.  Avoid touching the eyelids or eye with the top of the dropper.

Q-Why is Azithromycin prescribed for 3 days?

The duration of this medicine depends on the infection type being treated and the patient’s age. These eye drops are not always given for three days.

Q-Does Azithromycin comes in tablet form?

Yes it comes in tablet form also, 500mg is the most prescribed strength of Azithromycin (azee 500)tablets

Doses of the medicine include:-

500 mg on day 1 – once a day

250 mg on day 2 to day 5 – once a day

In the case of diseases like genital ulcers, it is prescribed as one gram dose. So, follow the accurate dose as given by your eye specialist.

Q-What things I should avoid while using Zaha Eye Drops?

Patients using these eye drops should not take antacids as they can hinder the efficacy of this medicine. Also, limit your exposure to tanning beds or sunlight as these eye drops can elevate the chances of sunburn.

Q-Is this medicine a strong medicine/antibiotic?

 These eye drops are effective antibiotics that treat several bacterial infections. These eye drops come with an extended half-life as compared to other antibiotics. It means the medicine remains in your body for a longer span and hence it is prescribed for a short period. Well, other antibiotics come with a short half-life and are hence prescribed thrice, twice, and 4 times a day.

Q-Can I treat yeast infections using Zaha eye drops?

No, Zaha eye drops are not recommended for treating yeast infections. Yeast infections should be treated with antifungal medications. If you are experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection, you should consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Q-Can use these eye drops during pregnancy?

This is a prescription eye drop. Do not use Zaha Eye Drops while you are pregnant, have undergone eye surgery, or have swelling/redness in your eyes. If you are a nursing mother, tell your doctor about it. If you find the infection getting serious even after putting these eye drops, talk to your eye doctor.